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why? to anybody that will listen

so my question today to anybody that will listen is why.why!?! anytime 27 people are murdered it unspeakable.but when 20 of those victims are BABIES...its my question is why aren't people rioting in the streets over 20 murdered BABIES!?! it makes me physically ill!!! if 20 murdered BABIES isn't enough to throw diplomacy out the window then what the hell is!?! personally i don't give a damn about the second amendment. i care about the 20 murdered BABIES, & the countless other BABIES that had a piece of their innonence stolen from them so that all of us stupid ass adults could have our second amendment rights.that's what i give a damn about.& i would be willing to fully violate everyone's second amendment rights if it meant that 20 BABIES would never have to be murdered ever my question is why doesn't everyone feel the same? why!?! my question is why can we send a man to the oon but we can't design weapons for our police officers & our citizens that can subdue without killing?why!?! .....oh, but i forgot, we already have weapons like those-- & i suppose that it would be impossible to invest in ways of making those weapons better & more efficient, instead of designing ever more trendy & efficient lethal weapons, that can end up in the hands of someone bent on murdering 20 BABIES.why.why!?! WHY PEOPLE!??! did 20 BABIES have to die 8 days ago? & why, even after 20 murdered BABIES is our second amendment rights more important? & why can't we come up with non-lethal weapons so that nobody else has to lose their baby? why? is any investment to prevent another 20 murdered BABIES too expensive? you kno when you stop caring so much about human life you're awful. but when you stop caring about innoncence then as a whole we've pushed into something worse. something i don't have a name for yet.

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why? to anybody that will listen, posted December 22nd, 2012

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